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the role of designer as synthesizer

The blog has been a little slow lately because all the design work I am doing work, and I can't exactly share that in real time. What I can share is the importance of immersion- and eventual synthesis- for designers.

What I mean is that being a designer is an active profession. We're making consumer products, changing the processes people go through every day, altering and affecting their lives. As such, we have to 'stay connected.' Its our job.

For example, an exhibit we saw at the Danish Design Center while traveling through Europe was relevant to a recent work project. I looked up the exhibit online and found the website with loads of relevant information. It wound up being a very valuable resource.

Staying connected takes many forms, from staying up-to-date with current blogs (like design boom and lost at e minor) to getting out and doing more cultural things (like going to the MFA or ICA here in Boston) to just walking around people watching, seeing what people are up to. People watching can provide invaluable insight into culture- I find it to be particularly good on public transportation.

One last link for today- I have to give another nod to Jan Chipchase. His job is to stay culturally connected and understand where market opportunities lie, particularly for NOKIA. His blog is one of the best out there.

(the product pictured here is the LaCie USB hub)