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"this is confidential"

confidential waste
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I think that having a job where your work is confidential is seriously cool. On the one hand, it means that what you are doing in important. If you're not supposed to talk about it, that means that the information that you know, what you are working on, is particularly important to someone. That is probably because it is a valuable, profitable idea. Plus saying that what you are working on is confidential sounds pretty impressive at a party.

Much of the work of any product designer is confidential- some projects more than others. Then there is the question of open-source, and when is the knowledge of the masses more beneficial that the knowledge of the few. While some open-source projects have been successful and profitable (which makes sense- it is the epitome of user-centered design), I enjoy a little old-fashioned confidentiality. As designers, its our bread-and-butter.

On a slightly different note, I had the good fortune to participate in a Boston IDSA portfolio review tonight. It was fun to go as a co-op because I was sort of in-between the professionals and the students. It was fun to hear the professionals feedback and see the students work (while offering a few comments/compliments of my own.) I was also blown away by the resources a locale can offer- tonight students had free access to 15 or so industry professionals giving free feedback on their portfolios... how great!