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what products make your house home

This is an easy question to ask as it is time to pack up and shove off to a new co-op assignment. One lesson that I have learned from each job assignment is that the less things you can bring with you to a job, wherever you are working, the easier it is on you. The most extreme case of that was probably this past spring when we backpacked around Europe with just enough layers to keep us warm and not really enough underwear (always pack extra- its lightweight and barely takes up any space!)

That being said, what products are essential to make you feel like you are at home? What do you bring with you when you only have limited space?

I have a few key possessions that come with me to every new job assignment. My snoopy alarm clock, Trusty, a very loved stuffed animal, and a framed photo of my family on a boating trip all make the grade. The one trait these all have in common is that they are from my childhood. They were all in my first bedroom and have had their own spot in every bedroom since. Maybe this will change as priorities shift and I get older, but I am inclined to think I will hold onto these items for awhile.

I would imagine some other common parameters for key household products are utility, value, and aesthetic appeal. Yet, for the co-op student- someone faced with the task of making a new home in a new city every other three months, I am willing to bet that items with some sort of emotional attachment have the greatest pull.


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