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the city that everyone loves

Yesterday I flew into Boston- a city that everyone seems to love, adamantly. I was lucky enough to have a day to get the lay of the land before work starts tomorrow. I have to say that I am both nervous and really excited to be working in a big city. The one impression I have, so far, is that it is just 'vibrant.' That could also have something to do with the fact that is was a beautiful, sunny day today...

This evening I wandered into the North End, the area of town where I will be working. It is known as Little Italy and full of Italian restaurants, gelaterias, and pastry shops. Mike's Pastry is a Boston landmark, and something Sylvia and company have raved about all summer. Obviously, I made it a priority to get there ASAP. This is what I got (chocolate covered cannoli- how decadent!)
This display of pocket hair brushes was in one of the windows, and I just couldn't resist the chance to capture an odd product. Would you use this?
More to come...