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old vs new

Here is a question for the ages (and the product designers):
What makes something better with age (better when its old) and what makes something better when it is brand-spanking-new? Before you go thinking, well, "I get better with age," really stop and think for a moment.

The basis of this question...
1. My car has been in the shop for one week tomorrow. As noted in the previous post, I am driving a 2010 model rental car. It is sort of nice to be driving a new car, but I miss my 2002 model.

>This example hits on the emotional potential of our possessions. I prefer my older car because I like the actual car more- regardless of age- but my car also carries with it memories of many, many road trips. This new car is very sterile and rental car-y. On my car, I know where all the dings came from and the funny smell is from me. I like that.

2. It is insanely hard for me to purchase toiletries before the ones I am currently using are 100% gone. This is because as soon as I bring the new (shampoo/soap/toothpaste) home, I want to crack open the new bottle and leave that 1/2 inch lingering in the bottom of the old one. How wasteful!

>Not as sure about the reasonings behind this one... maybe the newer things seem 'fresher' and somehow better?

What do you think?