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new business cards

I just got finished ordering a new set of business cards for the inoneweekend event later this month. I ordered through, which has a few cool features:
-When you order a set of 50 cards, you can literally print 50 different designs. I went with 6 different designs- all selections of tea pot ideation sketches. Two of the images I used are shown above.
-All business cards are printed front and back at no extra charge. The back of my cards has my basic contact info including my blog address and coroflot portfolio address.
-When ordering, you have the option to get 'green' cards that are made out of 100% recycled material. Sweet. That's what I did.

I think making personal business cards can be a big challenge for designers. You want to stand out, but not be too crazy, and as a student I do not even know how much I will use these cards. Will post an update when the cards come and/or when I pass them out!