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The inadvertant test drive

HHR in a Field
Originally uploaded by E. Brow
This week I have been driving around a rental Chevy flex fuel HHR while my beloved mazda is in the body shop. The reason this is even worth mentioning is that the car is a 2010, with just over 1500 miles on it, and still has that new car smell. I'm pretty sure I have never driven a car this new before.

This is a strange mish-mash of a car on the outside (the front looks like a cross between a minivan and a 50s era truck), but on the inside it works pretty well. There are little details- like a tray right next to the shifter that is the perfect size for a cell phone- that make it convenient and fun to drive. There is also a very informative information display on the dash that shows everything from fuel efficiency to tire pressure. Compared to my sporty little mazda, this thing drives like a boat (the suspension is very...soft), but if that is what you like, I think you would find the car handles well. As far as I can tell, the blind spots in this vehicle are huge, and so far I have had a hard time getting a handle on the size of the vehicle (for the common task of parallel parking.)

So, all in all, its not a bad car. Would I buy it, brand-new, for myself? Probably not. But its a very solid rental car, and I do feel like it stands out when you drive down the road.

...chair updates are coming soon! I need to start taking some photos...