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TED talks: Eames Demetrios

In my opinion, TED talks are often unexceptional and a little boring. I think this is rooted in what we are trying to learn about design communications- it is one thing to have a skill set, and another thing to be able to talk about it. Most of the people at TED are not great about talking about it. The video and audio files are still valuable, though, because they give an inside look at the people responsible for a number of stunning accomplishments. They let us, the lowly public, catch a glimpse of people who are innovators, people who are extraordinarily wealthy, and people who are leading our society today.

That being said, this talk about the Eames is a good one for anyone interested in design to watch. It has some little-seen footage and touches on the design process. I especially love the photos of prototypes- it makes Charles and Ray seem more real and less like super-human design geniuses.
(small disclaimer: I saw this posted on core77 this morning... I don't like to re-post things from other blogs, but this is an exceptional video that I wanted to draw attention to.)


  1. i agree in part... unfortunately, a lot of the TED talks on design are somewhat boring and uninsightful, at least to us; most of it isn't anything we haven't heard a million times before. There are some, however, in a variety of other categories that are very fascinating and well-communicated.


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