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new chair idea

Some 'synthesis' happened in the car today... I came up with this new chair concept, just in time to make a full-scale model. It's basically two stacks of slats with pivot points at the ends. This provides an opportunity for many different seating configurations... any thoughts? Planning to flesh this out a lot more over the next few days...


  1. hmmm..... I like the visual aesthetic but I guess I don't get it. I like the PoP color definately. Functionally, it seems a little uncomfortable at first glance and the bottom slats appear to be too far from the seat slats. I think the top part of the main block should be shorten to be elbow/ armrest height. I think that lowering it would also help with balance/gravity and proportion. I think this idea is much edgier and playful, but I guess I need to know exactly how you are supposed to sit in it, because the way I am imagining it, it doesn't seam comfy.


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