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listen to your products

VR working!
Originally uploaded by temporary_diversion
Yesterday I got frustrated with the wireless connection at our house. It was being really flaky, kicking me off the internet and refusing to let me back on. So, in a huff, I went upstairs, got a pen, and held down the reset button. I held it down for five long seconds. Then, the network was gone. Our little wireless network called 'bunny' was nowhere to be found. I had taken a bad situation and made it worse. Shoot.

Almost two hours later, after trying to trouble shoot, emailing my landlord, and eventually calling our service provider, the problem was fixed.

The moral of this story? Listen to your products. Or, maybe more so, when you are designing keep in mind that people are dumb. The reset button on the router is one of those little things you have to stick a pen in. It is supposed to be hard to get to. I should have seem that as a warning, but didn't, and consequently lost a couple hours of my night. There is a lesson in there somewhere...