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i like to take photos in bathrooms

For better or for worse I have always been one to take photos in the bathroom. Don't get the wrong idea, though- I just think that bathroom fixtures and layouts say a lot about culture and people. This photo is from the bathroom in Penn Station. I am impressed both with the unique design of the towel dispenser and the really proper use of an icon to explain the design.

I have heard people say that you shouldn't touch handles (on the door, towel dispenser, sink, etc.) after you wash your hands. I think that is a little silly because once you don't touch anything in the bathroom, you will go shake hands or touch some other surface and still wind up all germified. Yet, here is a design that tailors itself to the germophobes by offering a handle meant for your...elbow. I guess it is better to have a germy elbow than a germy hand, but who knows... (!)