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cord management

Flip Video
Originally uploaded by Cisco Pics
Cords add chaos to my life. Between my phone, ipod, computer, camera, printer, scanner, desk light, pencil sharpener, and extension cord(!) I probably have enough cord to reach from my house to school...and back. Not only do they clutter my desk, but I like in a sort of constant fear that I will lose one of these cords and it can be hard to remember which cord belongs to what device (and what cord belongs to an old, no longer in use device.)

So one of my in-the-shower epiphanies this morning was that the plug- or the USB- should actually be in the device. Then I realized its already been done with the Flip video. The Flip video is a compact digital video recorder that is cheaply made but has one endearing quality- its USB connection flips out of the body of the camera. Its that feature that has made the flip a best-seller.

How long until everyone follows the flip's lead (or is it already totally patented)? I, for one, would carry a slightly larger device if I didn't have to carry the burden of the cord that goes along with it.