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chair studio update> scale model made

Tomorrow is the biggest crit-to-date for our chair studio. We are presenting full-scale models of our chair concepts. I managed to fabricate my new idea with some success and also re-rendered it. I am interested and nervous and excited to hear what my professor has to say about this idea because he hasn't seen it yet- at all.

The past few days have been full of trips to home depot and lots of time spent in the shop. I love building big things like this by hand- it is repetitive and methodological and makes sense to me. Plus, I can figure things out better when I can hold them in my hands. I fully blame Larry at Fisher-Price for this. During my most formative time as a designer he instructed me to go to the shop when designing anything, and to this day that has stuck with me.

Any thoughts/ideas/feedback on the chair idea?