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portfolio teaser

A new concept this time around with the job hunt... portfolio teaser... a one-page pdf meant to draw in potential employers. I cannot begin to explain how intimidating it is to try to represent myself and my design capabilities in one page. I decided to showcase my mini mix project because it is really different. Feedback MUCH appreciated here- thanks!


  1. the only thing i see is that it looks a little funky where that mixer breaks the green background...until the green, there is a shadow on the ground, then at the green there is no shadow and it makes it look like the beaters are floating when in fact the beaters should be resting on the ground. does that make sense??? other than that, i think it looks nice.

  2. thanks syl. i added the shadow in the green area. congrats on your eukelele!

  3. this looks like a good job at showing skills and acknowledging process for one page. A couple small things to consider: I would make the diagonal green line at the top of the page hard instead of blurred, so it matches the bottom line. Second, I would redo some of these sketches - I know you have better skills than this so put your best foot forward!


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