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I *strongly dislike Alessi

I Adore Alessi
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It took everything I had not to yell at people when they went up to the (obviously) closed Alessi store at the Milan furniture fair and took pictures. They pointed their cameras into the darkened room and took pictures of the products they (and their cameras) couldn't actually see. They smiled in front of the closed doors while their friends took the photos. They smashed their noses up against the glass doors to try to catch a glimpse of... nothing new. There was nothing new in that store, nothing worth oogling over, just overpriced plastic.

That being said, I understand some of Alessi's draw. They are an established company with excellent craft. I even appreciate the humor in a lot of their products. But, in the long run, I think it is mostly about little trinkets splashed with color, a dash of cuteness, and a huge price tag. And even though that toothpick holder that looks like a bunny in a magic hat looks sooooo cute on the shelf, I bet it will look ridiculously out of place in your IKEA-equipped kitchen.