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goals for the quarter

-get a press pass
>This sounds like a joke, but I'm not kidding. I really enjoying writing about design and life and how the two correlate. Not only that, but being a member of the press has great perks at all sorts of events. I am going to strive to write engaging and pertinent blog entries and explore some avenues for becoming a 'member of the press' (core 77 contributer maybe?)

-stay balanced
>In high school I went to leadership camp where they taught about the 4-fold way of life, balancing physical, mental, social, and religious aspects at all times. I still try to balance things out... that doesn't have to mean that everything gets an equal amount of time, but maybe they get an equal amount of attention. My 4 folds, at least for now, are more like family, academics, work (waitressing), and social stuff.

-get a job
>Getting a co-op job might sound like something to be taken for granted, but every time I have had to look for one it has been a difficult process. Even though we are almost seniors, I think it is going to be hard this time too. Even though we are making chairs this quarter, and that is going to be a challenge, I will feel like I am half way there once I've found a job.

-treat des comm assignments like studio assignments
>Last quarter our studio really raised the bar for coming up with creative solutions to our des comm problems. I have a tendency to treat des comm as drawing practice, but will get more out of it if I strive for innovation. It seems like the curriculum for this quarter will help me with this goal.

(photo: small train station in France on the way from Toulouse to Barcelona)