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hostel elf, prague

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Hello out there!
I wish I could be keeping up my blog while we are traveling (but am also very happy to step back from technology for a lot of our trip.) In any case, here is a mini, sort of once-every-four-weeks sort of update...

We have made it to Prague, the city of spires and gold and things like that. Our hostel, hostel elf, has been excellent. Through our travels we have found that there are two categories of hostels- those that are just really cheap hotels with multiple bunk beds per room and those that feel more homey. The homey ones are almost always better because even if they lack amenities, the charm sort of makes up for it.

Hostel life is good fun and you meet lots of different people, but it makes you miss the simplest convieniences that are very normal at home. For instance, you always always have to lock the door while you are in the bathroom at a hostel. There are three toilets here shared between 20 or 30 girls. People don't knock, they just try to open the door. This can be really disconcerting if you are in the bathroom, trying to change, and you hear someone try to get into the bathroom. So then you are half naked and it seems as if someone is trying to get in because they are and...well, it will be nice to be back to where a closed door means not to come in.

In any case, we have to head to the grocery store. Hope everyone is doing well (if anyone is, in fact, still reading this!) Expect lots of oddball photos and insightful anecdotes when we get back.



  1. glad to hear the update, sounds like you guys are having an awesome time! can't wait to talk to you for real and hear about your amazing adventures!

  2. An intern just walked by wearing sparkly silver slippers and I thought, "Gee, I really miss Carly Cuteshoes; I wonder where she is." And you're like in Prague. How cool.


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