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good ideas realised

Awhile ago I wrote about how frustrating it is to go to the drug store when you are sick and try to find an appropriate OTC medication. I saw it (and framed it) as a design opportunity.

Well, today I was buying a few last-minute travel supplies at Kroger (mostly band-aids and moleskin) when I noticed a 'pharmacy assist' computer right there. It had a touch interface and was really, really simple to use. You put in your symptoms and special considerations (allergies, etc.), and then it told you the appropriate drugs. You could read the label information right there on the computer, and it even showed you where to find the medicine on the shelf. Consider me entirely impressed. I recommend checking it out next time you're grocery shopping. I didn't get a photo, but if I go back I will do my best to take one and post it here.


  1. That sounds pretty handy- were there any disinfectant wipes nearby? All I can think about is how the only people using that computer are sick, and sharing their germs with each other...


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