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end of the quarter

It's already the end of the quarter, and it seems like most of us have made it out alive...

Here is my final studio project- the Compaq Construct. It's a build-your-own computer for Africa (see the video in the previous post for how it is built.) It's manufactured and shipped as flat panels with tabs and slots. The consumer constructs the computer and then uses it. It's meant to spread computer education, be culturally relevant, and be low-cost. If you would like more details, let me know.

I'm happy with how the project turned out in the long run, and it was received well by everyone except (apparently) the marketer from hp (who sponsored this studio.) I think this is a valid lesson in knowing who you are designing for- both in terms of your target market and your co-workers.

Now I just have some volunteer work to wrap up and lots of packing before I head to Europe on Thursday(!) I'll be there for ten weeks and may post little updates here occasionally. It should be fun, crazy, and unpredictable. While I am away, please feel free to send me an email at: We probably will not spend too much time in front of computers, but I would be happy to hear from you and more than happy to let you know what we are up to...

You may see another post or two from me before I leave, but if not... good luck with all your adventures. See you soon.