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make up your own mind

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Last weekend during one of my shifts at the diner I went to take a table's order. I got to the last guy at the table, and instead of ordering, he asked, 'which do I want, the French toast or the pancakes?' At the time, I didn't think much about that. I told him pancakes (in my experience, a quick and decisive response to questions like this keeps the customer happy and the tips high.)

Now its a week later and I think that guy was pretty strange. He trusted me to make his decision for him, and he didn't even know me. At all. Between you and me, I have never tried the French toast where I work. I know the pancakes are good.

How many decisions do you avoid every day? Who makes them instead? Are they really qualified? Things to think about...


  1. You think about so many interesting things, and i love reading your posts because they get me thinking about them too. I am one of those people who asks the opinions of five others before I can make a decision for myself- perhaps I should work on that?


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