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Up to this point I think I have spent more time writing in my own blog than reading others, but I do browse the 'dashboard' of everyone's updates when I go to write an entry of my own. So far, three blogs are standing out for me. They are noteworthy for their own reasons, but one thing that stands out is that all three are updated more than what is required. This keeps things interesting and provides more insight on the design process.

1. Tracy's blog (subi snacks)

Tracy started her blog before we had to have one for class, and I think she is in the right mindset for blogging. She writes interesting (but mostly concise) posts and includes lots of photos. I think her blog is one that would be really good to show a potential employer as a supplement to her portfolio.

2. Mike K's blog (designling)

Mike has been doing a really nice job of documenting his work on his blog. His really recent post about his computer, in particular, stands out. Everything is very clean and understandable. It's a great log of the progress of the quarter.

3. Sylvia's blog (silly sylvie)

Sylvia is good at what she does and knows what she wants to do after school. I think both those things come out in her blog. Her personality shows through in the things she chooses to write about, and all of her insights are well thought out and complete.

I have been enjoying keeping a blog, but part of me does have to wonder if it is a slightly artificial form of communication. I am doing my best to just keep it as a log of my own thoughts and ideas on design and inspiration...

*UPDATE: hah I mis-read the prompt for today and thought we were supposed to write a blog entry about people's blogs...but we were supposed to comment on them... oh, well...


  1. hahah thanks for the shout-out anyway, dude. your blog is one of my favs to read as well ;)


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