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who I am and where I am heading

To start things off, here is a little information about me, so you know where I stand...
I believe in people. It's a really basic idea, but it's one of my primary motivations for design. I strongly believe that there is something of significance to gain from every interaction-whether large or small- with other people throughout any given day. That is why I have been a waitress for nearly five years now. The work is really hard and the customers are sometimes difficult, but at the end of the day the overall 'vibe' is usually a good one.

I love my bicycles. I've had a bike for a long, long time, but just got my first road bike last year. Riding a road bike- fast- has the potential for being pure bliss. It also has the potential to be not a lot of fun, depending on how you are feeling or how hard you are pushing. That fascinates me.

Perhaps most of all, though, I believe in fun. I think every product has the potential to help the consumer have fun and enjoy themselves. I am interested in exploiting the fun in products. This is one of the reasons I had a good time designing toys at Fisher-Price.

Just for the record, on co-op I have spent 2 quarters at Fisher-Price (and now have two Fisher-Price products on-shelf), one quarter at Chase Design, and one quarter at Aspen Medical Products. The next stop for me (assuming everything goes as planned) is a travel quarter to Europe.

Now for my goals for the winter quarter, 2009:
1. I want to learn how to sketch better.
This is a constant design goal for me because I see it as an area where I have plenty of room to improve. I have heard over and over that sketching is the bread-and-butter of industrial design, and I want to get to the point where I have lots of bread and butter, and maybe a little jam too. I would also like to broaden my horizons a bit and draw some shoes this quarter.

2. I want to have a good time.
I would like to strike a better balance between social things and school things, because I have a tendancy to slant a little too much toward the school things. This is always a challenge, though, because there is only so much time and always so much work...

3. I want to learn how to do tighter digital renderings.
Digital renderings, no matter what softwear is used to create them, seem to be an industry standard. I have had very minimal instruction on how to make a great-looking rendering, and many of my past attempts have turned out a little "fuzzy" (not sharp and crisp.) I would like to improve my digital rendering skills because I think it is one important aspect of being a designer.