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USB branding...

Our first 'real' des com (design communications) assignment of the quarter is the design a family of USB memory sticks for a chosen brand. I haven't quite decided which way to go yet, but there are three brands in the running:

1. Airstream- Mike mentioned this company in class today, and it sort of stuck in my brain. They are a very strong brand (very, very iconic), and the whole idea of a USB drive makes sense for them. The airstream product is all about traveling and seeing the world, and USB drives are all about being mobile.
2. Ray Ban- They have a strong brand that is a little more open for interpretation. I really love them, though, because of their range of materials. The different materials- and little details- could make it a lot of fun to design a ray ban USB drive.
3. Skull Candy- It's off the recommended list, and I love their bright colors. I think a lot of their designs are a little clunky and overworked, though...and that is not something that I am aspiring to.
So..I will have to make a decision soon (as sketches are due on Tuesday), and I will post more on this project as it comes along.


  1. ahhh ray ban... that would be awesome! im curious to see what a ray ban usb drive would look like.


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