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I like the break things (don't you?)

Broken Dish
Originally uploaded by BACKYard Woods Explorer
The long story:
Yesterday while I was making toast, I placed bowl of butter on top of the toaster so it would warm up a little and be easier to spread. As I was making my coffee, the toast popped up and knocked the bowl over. Usually this would be no big deal, but our toaster sits precariously on the windowsill. The ceramic bowl (and butter) slammed to the ground and smashed into pieces. The interesting thing, though, is that it was really cool. The sound it made- the action of shattering.. it was mostly cool, and just a little bit of a bummer.

Today on a grand adventure out in the icy snow, Tracy picked up a huge sheet of ice and slammed it into the ground. It, too, shattered into a bunch of pieces and made a rather satisfying sound. She was so elated that she did a little dance :)

The moral of this story:
It's fun to break things (as long as they do not have sentimental value.) I mean, it is really fun to break things. Perhaps this is a design opportunity? it mostly fun to break things because it doesn't happen very often and usually comes as a surprise?


  1. haha I didn't know about the bowl. That toaster really is in a terrible place. Any idea why? I woke up one day and suddenly it was there...


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