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Extracurriculars...when to say no?

On any given weekend during school you can find me at the Echo. I'm not drinking coffee and sketching (usually)...I'm on the other side of the equation- waitressing. I've worked there for more than two years now, and I really enjoy it even though it's really hard work.

In any case, before I left for my fall co-op I volunteered to re-do the menu. The current menu there is hard to read and ugly to look at. Of course, I didn't get to the menu until I got back to Cincinnati (too much sun in California...) So, now I have been working on the menu and some 'accessories' (like the nametag here) during school. It's not quite right- I should be devoting the time I am spending on the menu to school stuff- but I can't feel all bad about it because it is some design practice. I don't really know where to draw that line, though- when to back off and say, "I have to focus on school." I'll let you know if I ever figure that one out...