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creative leadership

This quarter I am taking one class outside of DAAP: Creative problem solving and leadership (or something along those get the point.) Originally I thought it would be an interesting class, then it started a little slow, and now I am actually really enjoying reading the text book. There are a few excerpts that are especially pertinent to design and the design process:

1. "The main thinking skill... is Ideational Thinking (what!?!?!! ideation is a word!! hoorah!), which is the ability to produce original mental images and thoughts that respond to important challenges."

2. "Creativity, or the production of change, is a result of both thinking and emotion; it is a matter of both the head and the heart. To create positive change, you must marry clear thinking with such emotional states as courage, risk taking, and tolerance for ambiguity."

3. "Without the interest that curiosity stimulates, it is unlikely that you will be motivated to put energy into deliberate thinking, and yet this first step of engagement is essential to tackling problems."

I am putting together a short presentation for this class about the design process, and will post it here later today.