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best portfolio I've seen? One that can fit in your pocket...

By this point, I feel like I have seen a lot of industrial design portfolios. I've reviewed the portfolios of friends, offered feedback for underclassmen, and even swapped portfolios with co-ops from other schools (which is wildly interesting...from what I can tell, UC definitely has an edge with their work.) The most interesting thing I have seen, though, was at the Art Center graduation show a few weeks ago. Every single student had a business card. They ranged from simple and elegant to very creative, and by the end of the show my pocket was full. Many of the cards had contact information and a website where you could see the student's work. It seems like the perfect compromise between the print-out portfolios of the past and the digital portfolios today. Why not leave people with a creative, beautiful card that will point them toward the rest of your work? If it's good enough, they might even hold onto it- and show their friends.
(The card pictured is not from the art center show-my camera cord has been misplaced for the moment- but it is embossed, just like many of the cards from the show. These cards were impressive and usually on heavy cardstock.)